17 August, 2018
Ahlul Bayt Society - Columbus
2580 W. Dublin-Granville Road, Columbus, OH 43235

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Alhamdolillah! New Building of Ahlul Bayt Islamic Center

Holy Quran 8:75:
And (as for) those who believed afterwards and fled and struggled hard along with you, they are of you; and the possessors of relationships are nearer to each other in the ordinance of Allah; surely Allah knows all things.
Imam Ali (a) :
People resemble the people of their time more than they do their fathers.
Prayer Times Columbus, OH
Imsaak 05:05 AM
Fajr 05:17 AM
Sunrise 06:46 AM
Dhuhr 01:36 PM
Asr 05:24 PM
Sunset 08:26 PM
Maghrib 08:43 PM
Isha 09:48 PM

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