20 June, 2018
Ahlul Bayt Society - Columbus
2580 W. Dublin-Granville Road, Columbus, OH 43235

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Alhamdolillah! New Building of Ahlul Bayt Islamic Center

Holy Quran 1:7:
The path of those upon whom Thou hast bestowed favors. Not (the path) of those upon whom Thy wrath is brought down, nor of those who go astray.
Imam Jafar Sadiq (a) :
 Whoever subdues his anger, the Almighty God will increase his respect in both worlds.
Prayer Times Columbus, OH
Imsaak 04:00 AM
Fajr 04:17 AM
Sunrise 06:03 AM
Dhuhr 01:34 PM
Asr 05:32 PM
Sunset 09:04 PM
Maghrib 09:24 PM
Isha 10:42 PM

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